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Choosing to build your career at LaSalle means choosing an employer dedicated to your personal 和 professional growth. We are fully invested in you: career development, exploring new professional paths, international assignments, recognition programs 和 a 关怀文化 that carries our values beyond the workplace are all a part of life at LaSalle. Ours is a company where intellectual curiosity is rewarded, 和 opportunities abound.

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LaSalle’s 关怀文化

LaSalle’s 关怀文化

We believe that to care effectively means underst和ing what our teams 和 the wider world needs.

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Our goal is to help you reach your full potential – personally 和 professionally.

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The best way to underst和 what life at LaSalle is really like is to hear directly from our people.

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灵活的工作 at LaSalle

灵活的工作 at LaSalle

Depending on the requirements of individual roles, flexible working arrangements may be available. Our 关怀文化 encourages employees to have open, honest conversations with their managers about what they need to succeed now 和 in the future.


To achieve an equitable, inclusive, vibrant, 和 dynamic employee culture, we focus on people care. Work 和 life have become undeniably intertwined, so our culture of care ensures our employees feel heard, 有价值的, 和 empowered through all aspects of their personal 和 professional journeys.

-达莲Scelzo, Global Head of Human Resources

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Internships at LaSalle

Our internship programs are designed to provide students 和 recent graduates with a broad-ranging introduction to the world of real estate investment management. These fixed-term programs are designed to provide exposure to opportunities that may not have been previously considered.