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Leading the world of real estate investment management

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We don’t just invest in buildings at LaSalle. We invest in our communities 和 our people, in sustainable building practices 和 leading environmental design, 和 in the tools 和 research necessary to ensure strong governance is upheld.

– Tim Kessler, Global Chief Operating Officer

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LaSalle’s history in the property industry goes back to 1968 with a small firm in West Texas. 十二年后, we launched our first investment fund 和 began to grow into the company we are today. 现在, we are a world leader in real estate investment management, 与客户, offices 和 investment opportunities that span the globe.

奖 和 achievements

在拉塞尔, we take immense pride in recognizing the accomplishments of our people 和 our firm. From our efforts in sustainability or diversity, equity 和 inclusion all the way through to our investment management industry 和 society at large.

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    people around the world


在拉塞尔, we embrace the broad-ranging 和 diverse insight, expertise 和 experience that set us apart. Transparency 和 trust are at the heart of our organization, as is a sense of responsibility to our communities 和 accountability to our investors 和 each other.


There’s always a lot going on at LaSalle. Keep up to date with our current insights, ESG 和 sustainability efforts 和 latest transactions here.

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LaSalle’s global outlook is a direct result of our strong local presence in the markets we operate in. We have employees in 23 cities across 13 countries on 4 continents, giving us a degree of insight that can only come from having an on-the-ground perspective in the places where we do business.

Our relationship with JLL

LaSalle is an operationally independent subsidiary of Jones Lang LaSalle 公司orporated (JLL), one of the world’s largest real estate companies. 仲量联行购买, 构建, 占据了, 和 invests in a variety of assets across industrial, 商业, 零售, 和 residential real estate.

The ability to leverage the technological, 金融, 和 research capabilities of JLL provides us with a reach 和 scope of opportunity beyond many other real estate investment managers.

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